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Points for Attention in Painting of Steel Grid Structure

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In the construction of modern industrial enterprises, in order to speed up the construction speed and improve the investment efficiency, the general industrial plant adopts the grid structure plant design. The construction period of the grid structure workshop is short and the effect is quick. The construction period of the grid structure is more than doubled compared with other structures, and it can be carried out simultaneously with the equipment installation to obtain better investment benefits.

1. Derusting the steel surface before painting should meet the design and relevant regulations. The rust removal methods include manual rust removal or mechanical rust removal such as sandblasting and shot blasting. There should be no defects such as welding slag, dust, oil stain and mechanical damage on the surface of the steel after treatment.

2. Coating materials mainly include various paints such as anti-rust paint and paint. Coating materials (including special requirements such as fire prevention), coating frequency and thickness, etc. should meet the requirements, and there should be no serious defects such as miscoating, missing coating, peeling, and returning rust.

After the steel structure grid structure project is installed and accepted, the installation project quality acceptance certification and the quality records and other assurance data should be sorted, summarized and archived according to regulations. Fill in the "Completion Acceptance Report" after fulfilling the requirements for completion acceptance according to regulations, apply for and pass the completion acceptance of the project and deliver it for use, and the installation project will be completed.

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