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Where can the grid structure be used?

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The grid structure is a spatial structure made of multiple rods connected by nodes in a grid form. The construction method of factory manufacturing and site installation can shorten the cycle, reduce the cost, and improve the economic efficiency. Choosing a more professional grid company can provide better grid engineering system services, and the material selection is better, which can make the overall cost lower, and will have more outstanding durability and aesthetics. which performed.

In summary, the grid structure can be used in the construction of station ceilings, stadium stands, gas stations, theater exhibition halls, etc.
In addition, the spherical grid structure is more suitable for large-span roofs because it has the characteristics of space stress, large rigidity, steel saving, good vibration resistance, small building height, and beautiful appearance. At present, the roofs of many large-scale stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters, industrial plants, warehouses and other construction projects in China have adopted spherical grid structures.

In terms of industrial production, large-area storage spaces such as steel mills, coal storage sheds, and dry coal sheds also have many applications in grid structure construction.

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