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Preparation for forming and processing of steel grid structure

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The forming of steel structure grid structure is an important process of steel structure processing technology, and the process is more complicated. The quality of workpiece forming directly affects the quality of components and other assembly, so the following preparations must be made before the workpiece is formed.

(1) First of all, the preparation of forming process technology should be done according to the workpiece drawing and related technical requirements.
The preparation of process technology is mainly to review the forming pattern and related technical requirements before processing, to understand the material and processing requirements of the workpiece, and then to determine the economical and reasonable processing and forming process, tooling, machines and templates.
(2) Next is the determination of the forming process and tooling. According to factors such as the enterprise's production equipment capacity and product batches, advanced, reasonable and economical and practical process tools should be selected to ensure that the quality of the workpiece forming meets the requirements.
After the above problems are solved, other related work of process tooling can be started according to the requirements of the determined process tooling, such as maintenance and repair of tooling equipment, process model and mold manufacturing or preparation, etc., to ensure that the preparation work is in place and lay a good foundation for the forming and processing of the workpiece. Working conditions and basis.

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