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Green combination of grid structure and modern architecture

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Huahai Grid has been committed to the design and production of steel structure grids for many years, engaged in the design, processing, and production of many large-scale grids in China. The concept of green building has always been at the forefront of grid companies. Our philosophy is The designed grid must not only be practical, but more importantly, it must be sufficiently green and environmentally friendly, effectively saving resources, and achieving the best construction goals. It will be your wisest decision to choose Jiangsu Huahai for the design and production of the grid.

Several major values of green grid architecture:

1. The structure should be light; the lightest grid structure can withstand high-intensity pressure. This protects the environment in terms of energy saving, land saving, and material saving, thereby reducing pollution and providing people with healthy, efficient and adaptable space.

2. The construction period should be short; generally speaking, the construction time of the grid steel structure is much shorter than that of the traditional concrete structure building, which also has a great green improvement in terms of saving time, labor, and resources.

3. The ductility should be strong; generally speaking, the rigidity of steel is very strong, but after it is processed into a building, the pressure it bears will also increase to a certain extent; and it comes in terms of mobility, designability and easy combination. Look, the steel grid structure is much higher than the traditional concrete building.

The steel structure of the grid steel structure is relatively high, so if the steel and high-strength steel wire are used to organize them together for a combined purpose, the model grid steel structure is a major feature of green buildings.

Within the effective building service life, saving resources to the utmost has a great effect on people's green life. From the above three aspects, the texture, construction period and ductility of grid steel structure can be Play a green energy-saving effect combined with modern buildings.

Whether the grid can achieve the above three points is related to the designer's design concept and the materials used. After the reform and opening up, the green design concept of steel structure was introduced into China, but the initial stage did not go smoothly. Therefore, many novel grid structures have appeared, which are complementary to the human landscape and green buildings. The academician of the Chinese Academy of Architecture and Technology once said that the steel structure grid structure is the light, fast, good, and provincial concept. The green development direction of China, but the situation is not optimistic at present. The president of the China Construction Association also stated that the quality of the grid steel structure is not expressed by the amount of steel used or how large the volume is, but by the reasonable amount of steel and the reasonable design form to express the steel structure. This is the ultimate purpose of green buildings.

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